Fence Experts. Ha.

So let me tell you a little story about Elsa. Our precious pooch loves people and kids… but is a little iffy on other dogs, especially small ones. After murdering [on my mother’s carpet no less] 2 bunnies, 2 squires, 1 rat, and a gopher, it is safe to say her prey drive is pretty high. That being said, we have a brand-new neighbor who closed escrow about a week after we did. She is a wonderful, single older woman who is so sweet and has a small terrier named Betty. Well, on Thursday, Betty and Elsa were next to the fence at the same time and needless to say some not very friendly barking ensued and all I could think of was “Elsa, please don’t eat Betty!!!”. Since the wood fence separating the yards had some larger gaps due to the paneling, I was worried Betty may be able to get just enough of her body through the fence to get hurt. Poor Dave and I then spent Friday night at Lowes picking up about 160 fence panels to replace it all.


Sunday morning, we woke up and attacked the fence! Note that there are no actual pictures of me because I had about 4 layers of sweatshirts, gloves, and rubber boots on with real messy hair and smeared mascara. All that, and I still had numb fingers and toes… this cold and rainy weather is no joke people [side rant, I just bought a pair of footy sweatpants lined with Sherpa, because brrr]. It took the two of us about 5 hours to rip off the old planks, measure and cut the new ones, and drill them in. We now have a solid row of panels and no gaps for Betty to become lunch.


My wonderful husband removed the old planks with a hammer and crow bar while I lined up the planks, made a sharpie line where they needed to be cut, and then he used a skill saw to cut off the ends. We used 4 screws per panel and BOOM! New fence! It not only looks great but gives me so much peace of mind knowing Elsa won’t be the cause of our new neighbor hating us forever. Win-win.