Exterior Makeover

House: Knock knock

Me: Who’s there?

House: Lotta

Me: Lotta who?

House: Lotta really expensive stuff to fix!

[insert laughter]

But for real though, these last couple weeks have got us hitting the ground running with projects, and not small ones either. In fact, they started before escrow even closed.

Due to a crappy brand of siding originally installed on the house which is basically glorified MDF [aka Ikea furniture], we knew we needed to get it replaced asap. Well, us SoCal kids who were familiar with stucco and had no experience with siding had to call in an expert. We were quoted $12,000 for a repair of the damage and $20,000 to completely replace it with the good stuff that won’t disintegrate when it gets wet. Mildly helpful in Portland, so I hear. So we went to the sellers and told them that they needed to replace the siding or we would walk away from the deal. Luckily, they were super nice and agreed, also it was basically the reason [plus the floral wall paper] the house had already been on the market for almost 3 months, so they probably just accepted that if they didn’t replace it they would never sell the house. Yay us. By the time escrow closed, we had new siding up and were just waiting on a break in the rain to paint.


The initial painting of the house happened in about a day. I went with “True White” from the Magnolia collection because I LOVE a crisp white. I will also be using the same color for all trim and shiplap inside the house as well, and then had them use “Moments” [black] for the shutters. Since it is really wet here the paint took a full week to dry which was no bother to us, except that Elsa kept coming in with white tipped ears and eyebrows. Oops.


And then came the roof! Since the original owners thought it was a good idea to pressure wash the composite roof to get the moss off instead of using the chemical… we get to replace the roof. Fun fact, pressure washing a composite roof strips it of all the granules which not only provide UV protection but also keep the shingles from curling when dry in the sun. BIG OOPS. The roofers finally had a couple days rain-free so they pulled the old roof off and replaced it in 2.5 days. To say we were impressed with them is an understatement as they not only worked super quick but actually cleaned up all their dropped nails and other trash (more than we can say for our siding company)


So now the house exterior is complete, and right in time for Christmas as we managed to have about a week to enjoy lights on the house <3

Enjoy this bonus image of Princess Elsa #tolerant&nbsp;

Enjoy this bonus image of Princess Elsa #tolerant