All about us!


Hey there! My name is Alle and I am in my mid 20’s, have a wonderful and incredibly tolerant husband named David, and a dog [read: sweet baby angel] named Elsa. In November 2017, we up and moved from Los Angeles to Portland and aren’t looking back!

So here are some fun facts about me: I love to run half and full marathons, go to the gym and lift heavy things most days, and have a passion for turning outdated houses into a personal heaven. My inner child is my outer personality and I am pretty sure I will never actually grow up. I love good old fashioned immature humor and anyone that can make me laugh [like milk coming out of my nose, peed a little kind of laughing]. I went to college for merchandising and currently work in product doing training accessories, but my true passion is the little details in a home that make it a place you want to run back to after work.

David, my husband, is a sweet and patient man who puts up with my hyperactive behavior and crazy building ideas. He works for a large construction company here in Portland as a project manager, but also has his contractor’s license and is my personal carpenter/ plumber/ electrician/ and pool boy [wink wink]. The poor guy has been suckered into many a project including a built-in entertainment center, tearing off an old roof, and building me more pieces of furniture than I can count. He deserves sainthood FOR SURE.

Our fur baby, Elsa, has more love in one paw than most people do in their whole bodies. Don’t expect to be anywhere near her without her nose forcing your hand to give her a good ear scratch. She is 75 pounds of lap dog and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In January of 2015 we bought our first home in Simi Valley, California. The house was built in 1964 and needed A LOT of work. We took on the challenge and gutted the place. While living in the house during the remodel was less than ideal [aka: awful], we made it through and it has sparked a passion in us to do it again… repeatedly!

Moving up to Portland was a no brainer for us and we could not have been more excited. When it came time to buy a place up here, we picked the most outdated house with the best bones we could find, and now we get to start the remodel journey all over again. Join us as we demo, rebuild, paint, and decorate our new dream home.